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the rules

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the rules

Post by Chappie on Sun Jun 21, 2015 1:40 pm

the rules

1. join with your character's name in standard form like: John Doe. no usernames like mjisking777 will be allowed. due to name changes by self being disabled, you must approach an admin about name changes. since sometimes there are first names that are very common, duplicate first names are allowed.

2. there is no word count on NEW YORK, NU YORK. because of that, we ask that you try to match your partner's length as much as you can without fluffing it up. sometimes, just a ten word sentence does the job, so we don't expect for every post to have 5,000 words; it's just an unrealistic expectation.

3. you can make as many characters as you want as long as you keep them active. we don't believe in ratios as we'd rather not limit what kind of characters you can make.

4. we allow all sorts of face claims from drag queens to obscure visual kei musicians to well-known disney and nickelodeon stars. we just ask that you don't use any face claims under the age of 13 and anyone who has asked to not be used. try to keep your character's age realistic. if you want to make a 18 year old and your face claim is 39 years old, whose images happen to all be when they're younger, it's completely fine. however, if you're trying to make a 14 year old out of a supernatural star that appears to be in their mid-30's and not using them when they're like 20, that's just unrealistic. one particular face claim can be used for 3 characters at a time as triplets, a set of twins and a doppelganger, or they all can be doppelgangers.

5. the only huge restriction(s) we have when it comes to roleplaying is explicit drug use and smut. we'd rather not get taken down due to forumotion's policies, so if things go sexual or explicit drug wise, you MUST fade to black or timeskip.

6. this rule basically asks to use common ettiquette like no godmodding, no mary sues and gary stus, don't kill another's character and stuff without permission, etc. also, just be kind to each other.


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