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Sat Jul 25, 2015 9:25 pm by Chappie

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Thu Jun 25, 2015 5:34 pm by Chappie

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the application

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the application

Post by Chappie on Thu Jun 25, 2015 5:34 pm

[center]the following is the membergroup colors and the application code. keep in mind that it is also a shipper, so after the character's history, there should be sections for friends, enemies, and lovers. you edit whatever is in all caps. use this to get your character's membergroup (alignment): http://easydamus.com/alignmenttest.html

lawful good - #361958
lawful neutral - #559528
lawful evil - #E6EBA8
neutral good - #ED6D73
neutral - #F4A88E
neutral evil - #548378
chaotic good - #C4124C
chaotic neutral - #989F69
chaotic evil - #1CBDAE

<center><div class="nuyorkappbase" style="border: 20px solid #MEMBERGROUPCOLOR;"><div id="nuyorkapppic1" style="background-image:url(LINK TO 500X500 PHOTO);"><div class="nuyorkapppic" ><table><tr><td><div class="appbase1"><img src="LINK TO 100X100 PHOTO"><div class="appgeninfotop">full name</div><div class="appgeninfobottom">FULL NAME HERE</div><div class="appgeninfotop">date of birth</div><div class="appgeninfobottom">DATE OF BIRTH HERE</div><div class="appgeninfotop">species</div><div class="appgeninfobottom">SPECIES HERE</div><div class="appgeninfotop">sexual orientation</div><div class="appgeninfobottom">SEXUAL ORIENTATION HERE</div><div class="appgeninfotop">alignment</div><div class="appgeninfobottom">ALIGNMENT HERE</div><div class="appgeninfotop">pronouns</div><div class="appgeninfobottom">PRONOUNS HERE</div><div class="appgeninfotop">face claim</div><div class="appgeninfobottom">FACE CLAIM HERE</div></div></td><td><div class="appbase2name" style="background-color: MEMBERGROUP COLOR HERE">john doe</div><div class="appbase2bio">BIO HERE. ALSO SERVES AS A SHIPPER, MAKE SURE TO HAVE SEPARATE SECTIONS DESCRIBING WHAT THEY'D LIKE IN A FRIEND, LOVER, AND ENEMIES. SEPARATE WITH A SEPARATE PARAGRAPH FOR EACH.</div></td>

alias : xaria

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